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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 21:52
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Supplemental training material will be available on a regular basis to assist  ongoing teacher improvement.  Teachers and school administrators are encouraged to share the IOL methodology with colleagues so that many can benefit.  Plans are being made for on-line training. 

The goal of IOL to provide education that prepares students for life necessitates a collaborative effort.  Creative ideas supplied from educators who have had an opportunity to be IOL trained and then shared with others, will have a profound affect on society. 

IOL utilizes a sustainable business enterprise of paying participants as one aspect of meeting the goal.  Donated funds are solicited to provide IOL training in poverty areas.  Consolidating funds so that a representative of a school could attend a training is another solution. 

This PDF is a sample training document.  We have a much more extensive library of training materials available for registered users.


If you are a registered user, pick Training > Materials from the menu above to access this library.

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