What We Do

 Participants of a training seminar, usually teachers and school administrators, are gathered in a classroom setting.  Inside Out Learning facilitators begin with an orientation and explanation of the methodology which is based on Howard Gardner's (1983) theory that human beings display different kinds of intelligence. group These include Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Musical, Spatial, Body Kinesthetic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.  

These techniques are incorporated into any subject.  For example, a musical chant can be designed to help students memorize mathematical facts and thereby stimulate the Musical intelligent child.  A simple technique known as "Think, Pair, Share" organizes students into groups and aids the students who learn through Interpersonal intelligence. 

During this active, collaborative, and engaged experience, students are eager to learn.  They become confident problem solvers.  This translates into life skills. 

IOL participants play the role of the student and gain first hand experience with the stimulation and enjoyment of this learning environment.  Participants are immersed in the training and utilize their own expertise to devise ways to include IOL techniques through the existing school curriculum. 

Africa055smA Teacher Resource Guide which provides instruction and many ideas will be given to each participant.   Teachers and school administrators are encouraged to network with each other to supply a fresh addition of creative techniques.